Mike Tramp - Trampthology - Album Cover


Best-Of Album by Mike Tramp

Released: December 18, 2020

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1. Give It All You Got
2. If I Live Tomorrow
3. More To Life Than This
4. The Road
5. Ain't Done Yet
6. Dead End Ride
7. Maybe Tomorrow
8. Mr. Death
9. Mother
10. Take Me Away
11. Cobblestone Street
12. Trust In Yourself
13. New Day
14. Bow And Obey
15. Every Time
16. Coming Home
17. Lay Down My Life For You
18. Better Off
19. The Way It Was Before
20. I'll Never Be Young Again

In Mike's Own Words:
As I started the process of writing songs for my first solo album Capricorn in late 1995, I was both apprehensive and curious of what the result would be like. For 20 years, I had been part of 3 bands and a collective songwriting team. But now I was on my own, and writing just for me, no one else. It became a wonderful journey where I both would discover who I am and where I come from, and also what my true inspirations and goals are. Now 25 years and 11 solo albums later, I feel safe and secure knowing that I am my songs and my songs are me. They are a musical scrap book of the life I have lived and the life I continue living. They are not about paying the rent or alimony, they are a true and confident representation of the man I am.