Mike Tramp - Mand Af En Tid - Album Cover

Mand Af En Tid

Album by Mike Tramp

Released: March 15, 2024

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Music by: Mike Tramp
Lyrics by: Lars Daneskov

1. Mand Af En Tid (Man of a Time)
2. Hvis Du Vil (If You Want)
3. Indeni (Inside)
4. Kom Som Jeg Var (Come as I Was)
5. Altid Farvel (Always Goodbye)
6. Storm Og Stille (Storm and Silence)
7. Nat På Libelle (Night on Libelle)
8. Livet Er (Life Is)
9. Sammen Alene (Together Alone)
10. Ham Vi Vil Være (The One We Want to Be)

Mike Tramp - Vocals, Guitar
Claus Langeskov - Bass
Søren Andersen - Guitar
Kenni Andy - Drums
Søren Skov - Piano, B-3, Keyboards
Emily Garriock Langeskov - Harmonies
Jørgen Thorop - Harmonies, Kom Som Jeg Var & Sammen Alene

Produced by:
Mike Tramp and Søren Andersen

Mand Af En Tid is the second solo album that Mike Tramp has recorded in Danish.

In Mike's Own Words: "I will be the first to admit that I am only repeating myself and stating the obvious with my second album, where once again I sing in my mother tongue (Danish). I am exactly where I was with the first album, but it is also exactly where I want to be, and the true purpose of making this album, in a time where making a new rock’n’roll record would be doing it for yourself. After 46 years living and existing under the Rock’n’Roll banner, carrying and dragging along the logo of my previous bands, and at times feeling that I am running from my past.

The facts are that at home Mike Tramp doesn’t wear spandex pants, studded leather jackets, wield a sword like I’m part of Lord Of The Rings, or sleep in a coffin. I get up in the morning, avoid shaving or paying attention to my hair, make a pot of tea and sit down at the piano and let my mood and memories be the start of a new song, an honest expression shielded from the state of the world and the state of today's music business.

I don’t feel like I am doing something new. I am simply just being me, right here and right now. And you know what? I am very comfortable with that and do not try to fight what isn’t here anymore.

With this new album, which of course I know is mostly for my fellow Danes and a few diehards out there who can’t live without my music, I once again travel back to my childhood and upbringing. A time when even though times were hard and tough and we had very little, I realize we still had everything we needed, and we existed quite well with just that. So for a moment or two, I want to dream myself back to that time and disappear with a smile and the warmth of my mom's embrace when she tucked me in at night. Maybe this is just what this album is all about, while I sit here confused and troubled of how the hell my own children are going to grow up, move on and survive in a world that I don’t understand anymore."

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