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Mike Tramp - Ham Vi Vil Være - Cover Art

Ham Vi Vil Være

Released January 19th: "Ham Vi Vil Være" (The One We Want To Be), the new single from Mike's upcoming 2024 Danish album "Mand Af En Tid" (Man of a Time).

Ham Vi Vil Være is a song about heroes. Real-life heroes. Not the ones who wear capes on your TV... More info

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Music Video w/Danish Lyrics
Music Video w/English Lyrics

Mike Tramp - Mand Af En Tid - Cover Art

Mand Af En Tid

Release Date: March 15th, 2024

Mike Tramp's new solo album "Mand Af En Tid", the second album that Mike has recorded completely in Danish.

Featuring the singles "Ham Vi Vil Være" and "Hvis Du Vil".

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Mike Tramp - Songs Of White Lion album cover

Songs Of White Lion

On his 2023 album "Songs Of White Lion", Mike Tramp delivers incredibly fresh re-recordings of some of White Lion's biggest hits, from "Wait" and "When The Children Cry" to "Little Fighter" and many more. On this album, Mike decided to play the songs as closely as possible to the originals while also making it sound the way he would do it if these songs were brand new today. The result is a heavier, more modern version of these songs which show off note-for-note solos by guitarist Marcus Nand, and an even more developed golden vocal tone from Tramp.

"Songs Of White Lion" is available on CD, Vinyl, and digital.

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