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Mike Tramp - Songs Of White Lion, Vol. II album cover

Songs Of White Lion, Vol. II

In 2023, Mike Tramp released "Songs of White Lion", an album of White Lion hits redone in the way that he would have done them if they were brand new songs today. Now, he releases a second batch of re-recorded classic White Lion songs, under the title "Songs of White Lion, Vol. II".

"Songs Of White Lion, Vol. II" will be released on August 23rd, 2024.

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Mike Tramp - Mand Af En Tid - Cover Art

Mand Af En Tid

Release Date: March 15th, 2024

Mike Tramp's new solo album "Mand Af En Tid", the second album that Mike has recorded completely in Danish.

Featuring the singles "Mand af en Tid", "Ham Vi Vil Være", and "Hvis Du Vil".

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